Spiritual Connection

I’d never came across a connection like this nor had I even heard of such a thing until the day I met you.

That was the day you walked in to my life and my whole life changed.

I knew when our lips touched that there was something special about you.

It was like I had kissed them lips a thousand times before.

No one got us and the connection we had.

Whenever we was in each other’s company we didn’t see anyone else around us.

We were in this bubble where no one could get in.

Me and you against the world that’s how I felt when I was with you, no one could touch us.

But then I would peep outside of our bubble sometimes because it became hard to breath.

I noticed we were hurting people and I would suddenly panic and that’s when I’d push you away.

I don’t think either of us knew what this was between us and I think it scared us both at some points.

We just seem to fit so perfectly.

Even when we held hands it was like two pieces of jigsaw puzzle that perfectly fitted together.

When our tongues roamed each other’s mouths I knew I’d roamed that mouth before.

When I was with you I felt like I was home and no one got it only you.

You was the more passionate person you would send me to a place no one else could.

You was like my drug one that I needed but one that also made it hard to shake off.

We could sit next to each other for hours on end and I swear we would know what the other was thinking.

I knew when you was struggling and you knew when I needed that hug.

You knew how to make me feel and that scared the crap out of me babes.

I’d always keep my feelings to myself.

Sometimes I actually thought I was incapable of love.

But you changed that and I started to feel everything at once and it was too much to take in.

I felt like my whole world was spinning but you filled a space in my heart that no one else could.

It was always you who could make me feel this way, a feeling I cannot explain.

You knew me inside and out an uncomfortable feeling.

I hated anyone snooping around in my head but you liked to live there you said.

You knew me better than I knew myself but you also knew what buttons to push.

This became dangerous especially because of the state if mind I was in at the time.

We began to clash because you began to make me feel things I didn’t want to feel.

I felt like I was being pushed to the edge of a cliff and so I pushed you back.

I was in a land of paradise but also a hell we had created, this love was so powerful.

I had spent years building this wall around my heart but you hammered away at it trying to get in.

You succeeded, you told me you would never love anyone else like you loved me.

You made me weak at the Knees, gave me a feeling out of this world.

I was under your spell to weak to fight.

What the hell was happening to me, what was this?

When you touched me it sent tingles everywhere and my heart would explode.

That had never happened to me before, you knew how to touch me to make me quiver.

What was we doing to each other?


When we parted and I thought that was it, but it wasn’t was it.

I could still feel you somehow.

Even now I still feel you wrapped around my heart and your hands on my soul.

I dream about you some nights and I can actually feel your soft lips touching mine.

How can this possible when we are simply strangers with shared memories?

Please tell me I’m not alone.. that I am not going mad?


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