I believe people can change but it takes strength and will power and a need to want to change for it to work, you have to change for yourself no one else you have to become your own hero and show yourself that you can and you will change. 

10 years ago I was a little girl wondering in the darkness hurting people who I came in contact with because of past fears and pain I had encountered throughout the years and I wasn’t a nice person to be around, I was a needy and an emotional wreck and hated myself along with everyone else who hated me and all I kept doing was going round in circles.

I didn’t want to be that person anymore so I worked my ass of to be a better person and went inside to face my own fears and pain I had held on to and this helped me to grow into the person i am today, you can change but you need to be committed to wanting to otherwise you will fail every time! 


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